Write for the Jugular

Why bother with themes? Themes just make the people who put them together go crazy trying to find things that match the idea.

So forget any sense of cohesion. This week’s version of The 3 — three rather haphazardly chosen outlets that want your creative writing — is a true mishmash.

Xenith More than just a lit mag, Xenith is an online community that started out in the 1990s looking for Gen Y talent. as the millennials aged, so did the magazine, so if you weren’t around in the 70s, this is a good place for you to consider for your work.

Zoetrope What better people to put out a magazine than Hollywood auteur directors like Francis Ford Coppola, whose company, American Zoetrope, publishes this quite-cool quarterly “devoted to the best new short fiction and one-act plays?”

Carcinogenic Poetry If you’re serious about your poetry, how can you possibly be more serious than something carcinogenic? This online journal is a great outlet for studied poetry with an edge.

Now get writing!


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