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The Writer As Day Trader

  The Amazon rankings are the newest form of day trading. Are you as obsessed as I am?

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New Book, New Blog

My newest book, ‘How I Make A Living In Writing’ is out! As is a sneak peak at my next book, cleverly disguised as a blog entry: ‘Writing Excuse Number Umpteen: Writing Is Hard’

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Writers … We love you. But you drive us nuts when you make simple mistakes. It makes editors work harder, and it makes you work harder because you have to rewrite stuff that is easy enough to get right in the first place. Join Scott Morgan on Thursday, July 19, at 9 p.m. EDT for my free 30-minute webinar on some things you can do to make the writing process smoother and more rewarding for all.

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How I Make A Living In Writing: Coming In July

   Saying you’re a writer is easy. Making a living as a writing professional is not.
   How I Make A Living In Writing is a no-nonsense guide, full of anecdotes
and revelations, to what it’s like to be a writing professional, as seen
through the eyes of one man living the dream.

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WriteHook Magazine Seeks Inaugural Submissions

People keep telling me the short story is dead. that there are no places to publish works of good, solid short fiction.

Bullshit. WriteHook Magazine, an online magazine, is looking for submissions for its inaugural edition, due out August 1, 2011. So there!

Writers of short fiction of (almost) all kinds are invited to submit for publication. I say almost because I don’t want to see porno, nor anything repugnant. What I do want to see are good, solid, strongly written short stories of less than 3,000 words. Poetry is OK too, but I’m not that big on poetry. You’re welcome to submit poems, but limit yourself to just one per submission cycle.

Details about al of this stuff are available right here. Read through and check it out.

I’m waiving the “1st-through-10th of the month” aspect of the submission guidelines for this opening salvo. Submissions for the first edition will be accepted through July 10.

As far as genres and categories, pretty much anything is open season. Stories that don’t seem to fit into neat categories, such as vignettes that aren’t so much about finding deeper truths, but rather about the fact that sometimes life just lands peanut butter side down without any deeper meaning, are especially welcome.

Keep in mind though, I’m looking for very, very good writing and solid mechanics. One typo or a couple stray commas aren’t deal-breakers for me, but don’t let it get out of hand. And when i say solid writing, I mean it. I’m especially interested in writing that takes chances without adverbs and multi-syllable words. Don’t try to impress me with your vocabulary, because I promise you that you won’t. If I see a word like “peripatetic” or “ambulatory” where “waked around” could have been used just as well, you won’t see your work in WriteHook.

Spread the word far and wide! And remember: Write for the Jugular!

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