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New Book, New Blog

My newest book, ‘How I Make A Living In Writing’ is out! As is a sneak peak at my next book, cleverly disguised as a blog entry: ‘Writing Excuse Number Umpteen: Writing Is Hard’

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Video: Why I Edit

WriteHook Gets His Ass Kicked

Even editors need editors (which means so do you). Read my latest blog at Write-Hook.com. Especially if you want to see me get my butt handed to me.

Writers … We love you. But you drive us nuts when you make simple mistakes. It makes editors work harder, and it makes you work harder because you have to rewrite stuff that is easy enough to get right in the first place. Join Scott Morgan on Thursday, July 19, at 9 p.m. EDT for my free 30-minute webinar on some things you can do to make the writing process smoother and more rewarding for all.

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How I Make A Living In Writing: Coming In July

   Saying you’re a writer is easy. Making a living as a writing professional is not.
   How I Make A Living In Writing is a no-nonsense guide, full of anecdotes
and revelations, to what it’s like to be a writing professional, as seen
through the eyes of one man living the dream.

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Lessons My Evil Twin Taught Me

What happens when your evil twin Francois screws you over on a corporate project?

You take a lesson (or three) and get on with your life.

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The Little Dilettante: A Fable

Once upon a time, in the Land of Make Believe, there lived the Little Dilettante, who resided in a mighty tower made of finest ivory. And from his tower, the Little Dilettante looked down at the pedestrian horde below. Toiling fools who, day in, day out, go to and from their pedestrian jobs, while he passed his time reading the great and popular works of novelists who wrote about novelists who live fabulous lives.

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